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“Hm, that’s not possible yet.” The mysterious man nodded and said, “Let’s try our best. Oh right, have we gained contact with Dali?”


“Father, I…” How could Jiang Qianxue not know what Jiang Duxing meant? But indeed, there wasn’t anything that she could do. Worshiping heroes and loving such a godly genius caused her to lose her usual composure and became confused and disordered.


Honestly speaking, the great Uncle Eagle Eye and the super great Mister Gate were really efficient when they worked. Mihawk waved his black sword about wildly and hacked vehemently at everything. As long as it was something that did not seem pleasing, he hacked it off! Mister Gate followed behind moving and piling up all the bits that got hacked off. First, they made a circle on the ground, then they further cut the hacked off material into smaller pieces. Li Yang and the other lackeys went out and bought back something that worked like cement and plastered it on the circle of chips…


“Yup, if they are fighting now, that would be normal.” Yin Lieyang slowly nodded and said, “Eight Fourth Order Planet-level starships, there shouldn’t be a big problem.” After thinking for a while, he waved his hand and said, “You may leave now, report to me immediately once you have news on them.”


He would just add one year for now. It was not good for the kid to grow up too fast. He should at least have a childhood, right? He would add one year first. He had the points anyway, he could add on to his lifespan slowly later on.


The Captain thought for a while again, then slowly said, “Move forward full force. At the same time, continue to observe them. Once you guys discover anything strange, report to me immediately! Also, report this to the headquarters. Just say that we have encountered the Zerg race, but things are still under control.”

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Hehe, actually, I have some good news for you. The Bureau Chief suddenly smiled and then held out a handful of Dali beans from his pocket. Dali, look at this. I didnt think they would exist in the virtual world too. Haha.


“Grape wine?” Mister Gate stroked his crescent moon-shaped beard and said, “It’s such a small bottle. It will be finished in one gulp. How else is there to drink it? It should be drunk with a bowl. A big bowl, so it’ll have enough kick!”


Usually, for someone of such status, they would not come to visit unless they needed something.


In Tang Muxin’s heart, she thought, “Dali ah, how long do you intend to keep up this act?” En, Tang Muxin was really quite smart, she grasped the main point at once!


It was true that he liked drinking wine. He had tried almost all the wines and liquors in the Milky Way, but it was the first time he had met someone who made the choice of wine cup sound like it was an art. He suddenly felt enlightened. Even the way he looked at Hong Dali was different now.


She stayed like that for an entire minute. Then, suddenly, the big screen actually transformed into the grinning face of Hong Dali…


He ran to a corner and started crying. If my Master had something like that, he wouldnt have lost to Duan Xuan Uh uh uh, I better go back first. Uh uh uh



“Judging from his body shape, he doesn’t look like someone skilled in combat. In my opinion, he probably got lucky and obtained some special ability.”



Waha Gate had just finished his sentence when people started running upstairs in a frenzy. It was not a joking matter. If they got there late, they would regret it for the rest of their lives!


This is fate. Jiang Dongliu smiled and said, You have no choice but to surrender to it. After saying this, Jiang Dongliu got up and said slowly, Forget it, lets not think about this now. I will look for Qianxue first and have a good chat with her. You dont have to worry too much. Our Qianxue is very smart and will understand most things with a little guidance. This is no different.


Hong Dali was usually quite apathetic, but he was reliable when he needed to be. Since he had said so, there should be no problem.

  • Lackey Li Yang immediately went forward to stop him. Sir, my apologies, but our young misses are resting. Please do not disturb them.
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